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Back pain is a widespread problem many people face. Up to 8 out of 10 people experience back pain at some point in their lives, and the impact can be debilitating. While there are several ways to temporarily relieve back pain, such as prescription painkillers, often these remedies do more harm than good.

To successfully manage back pain, you need professional help with the help of Wayne’s Meridian Massage to address the underlying issues and deal with problematic, uncomfortable symptoms to get back pain relief.


Why Is Back Pain So Common?

We use our spine with virtually every movement we make, even when we don’t think we’re using it. Our movement doesn’t only cause back pain; it also results from times when we’re inactive. How we sit, stand, and sleep all contribute to the health of our spine.

To understand why this type of pain is so common, it’s essential to know how the body works. There is no one cause for this kind of discomfort, many factors—both internal and external—can act as a catalyst for back pain and exacerbate it.


Spine Anatomy

Our back consists of individual components that help us move. These structural pieces each play a vital role in our spine’s overall health, and when one component weakens, it can have a knock-on effect.

Spine Anatomy

Your spine is made from 24 vertebrae and is divided into 3 specific areas: the lumbar spine (lower back), thoracic spine (middle and upper), and cervical spine (neck).

Between these vertebrae are intervertebral discs, attached to each vertebra by strong ligaments. These discs help keep the spine mobile, they help absorb impact, and help the spine keep its natural shape.

The spinal area is rich in nerves. Various nerves from the lower back help form the sciatic nerve. Nerves are susceptible to pain, and when they’re damaged or affected, they can cause considerable discomfort.

Facet joints connect the vertebra, so they’re capable of dynamic movement. If these joints are damaged or injured, it can severely impair an individual’s range of movement.

Muscles are one of the biggest reasons for back pain, and we have several layers of muscle that work together to create our spinal movement. Soft tissue injury makes routine actions feel impossible. Normally, healthy muscle will contract and release based on our movement, but this can lead to muscle spasms and hard knots when strained.

If you’re experiencing significant discomfort, it’s imperative to get appropriate medical attention. This is especially true if you’ve had an accident and believe you may have a severe injury. Persistent, chronic pain should never be ignored.


What’s the Real Source?

Often the cause of back pain isn’t clear, so a process of elimination can help identify what’s occurring at a deeper level. Changing how you workout, sit, stand, and sleep can clarify what’s going on. 

Considering all the components of our spine and their interconnected nature, it’s hard to know what’s going on. Some common causes are:

  • Poor posture
  • Heavy lifting
  • Accidents and trauma 
  • Degenerative conditions

There are ways you can help ease back pain. Sometimes, you can help strengthen and invigorate the spine by performing basic stretches or other posture-improving exercises. This is an excellent way to maintain spinal health, but sometimes it cannot address deeper issues.

Seeing a professional is a key part of back pain relief; not only can they address the discomfort, but they can also give you feedback about what underlying issues they detect in the area.


Get Back Pain Relief

Since muscles are the most common cause of general back pain, treating them to get relief is crucial. Deep tissue massage can address the chronic pain that accompanies muscle-related issues such as fibromyalgia, and repetitive stress injuries.

Deep tissue massage reaches the inner muscular layers, addressing underlying tension held deep within the tissue. This form of massage is specifically designed to treat muscle pain, so it’s ideal for muscle-related back pain relief and will significantly improve how you feel.

And this isn’t the only benefit. Since muscular tension is frequently caused by stress, the relaxing nature of deep tissue massage—and the therapeutic environment in which it’s performed—can help minimise stress, allowing the body to relax and further release muscular tension.

Deep tissue massage also increases blood circulation to flood the affected area with essential nutrients for muscle repair, speeding up your recovery.

Get back pain Relief

Wayne Massage Therapists Are Here to Help

Relieve back pain by getting the right treatment. When you arrange a massage appointment, you’re investing in your health and wellbeing. Instead of putting up with the discomfort, you’ll be tackling the pain head-on and helping your body heal.

A Wayne Massage trained professional can bring back pain relief by working on overworked, overstrained muscles and connective tissue. They’ll use slow, deep strokes with sustained pressure to release hard knots and scar tissue. You should expect this to feel intense when the massage therapist is working on an especially tight area of muscle, but these moments are part of the therapeutic process, and you can always communicate with the therapist about how you feel during a session.

Allowing yourself to relax and recover after a deep tissue massage is almost as important as the treatment itself. Take time out afterwards to rest. Also, make sure you stay hydrated, so you allow your body to flush out any toxins from your body.

Ask the massage therapist what they would recommend you do after a session to relieve back pain. They’ll know what areas they focused on and can give you specialised post-treatment advice including stretching exercises so you can support yourself as much as possible.


Relieve Back Pain with Wayne’s Massage

Get the help you need by arranging an appointment with one of our highly skilled professionals at Wayne’s massage. Call our office today to get back pain relief.  Tension-free movement is just a phone call away.