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Many of my customers were suffering from back pain. Some of them tried everything and felt hopeless. I want to ensure you that Meridian Massage and Dry Needling/Cupping are an effective solution for it.

The Main Causes

  1. Muscle, ligament, joint or disc injuries
  2. In traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, cold and damp pathogenic factors interfere with the meridians’ daily function.

The body is networked by a system of pathways (meridians) which function to transport qi and blood, to regulate yin and yang, to protect against external pathogens and to link the internal organs with the exterior. Blockage of meridians causes pain and is intimately connected with all health problems.

Story of Christopher

What Happened?

Christopher was suffering from lower back pain for over 40 years. In the past, he had 2 surgeries at well-known hospitals in Australia, but continued to suffer from even more symptoms.

Analysis & Treatment

In addition to his medical history, I observed that he had consistent painful points on his spine. When he was moving forward, backward and sideways, the pain was intensifying. My diagnosis was he also suffered from L4-L5 Disc Herniation. After looking at his tongue and checking different meridians, I confirmed static blood was blocking his Dayang meridian. His kidney pulse was weak due to his age. This also contributed to his lower back pain.

The focus is:

  1. Using the Meridian Massage for activating qi and blood in the sense of increasing its activity.
  2. Using Massage for regulating qi and blood in the sense of dispersing stagnation and guiding counterflow.
  3. Using Cupping for dredging the channels in the sense of removing external pathogens like cold and damp.

I use dry needling firstly into his lower legs, arms, a few reflection points, top of head on the skin. Then I moved to his painful points at lower back and combined with Cupping therapy for extracting static blood.


After 1 treatment, Christopher felt flexible and pain free.

Story of Christian

What Happened

Christian was suffering from lower back pain for 5 years. In the past, he tried different form of treatments, such as Chiro, Osteo, Physio and remedial massage. The ones which involved exercises helped a bit, but nothing removed the pain and stiffness completely.

Analysis and Treatment

His lower back was very stiff and the painful points seemed to be consistent. When he was moving his back, the pain was intensifying. After looking his tongue and checking different meridians, I confirmed that his second sideline of Dayang meridian was blocked.

1st Session: Dry needling into relevant points on the reflection point. After that, adjust the meridian with deep tissue massage and especially on the painful point Huantiao.
2nd Session: Based on 1st session’s direction, maintain and enhance it with Cupping therapy.


After the 1st session, Christian was pain free for 1 week. After the 2nd session, the pain and stiffness were removed completely.