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If you’re in pain and looking for relief, you may wonder if cupping in massage therapy can help. Cupping is a popular alternative and complementary medicine therapy that involves placing cups made of glass, ceramic, silicone, plastic or bamboo on the skin to create suction. This suction can help to improve blood flow and reduce pain.


What is cupping treatment?

Cupping therapy is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years, with its roots in the Middle East and traditional Chinese medicine. This therapy involves burning combustible material in a cup and placing the resulting vacuum onto the skin, which causes negative pressure and increased blood flow that results in reduced pain, breaks up knots in muscles, relaxes the body, and promotes healing.

Its proponents assert that cupping can be used as an alternative treatment to reduce symptoms associated with soreness, tension, and inflammation. This technique is embraced by many as an effective way to enjoy its health-enhancing benefits and as such, it is certainly worth exploring further.


What are the two main types of cupping treatments?

If you are thinking of cupping for any ailment, knowing the difference between the two types of cupping techniques can help you make an informed decision about which type suits your individual needs best.


cupping massage advantages sydneyDry cupping

Dry cupping is a therapy designed to reduce pain and tension in the body. It involves using suction cups strategically placed on the skin, which pulls up the underlying tissues, thus improving circulation and relieving pain. Dry cupping is commonly used by athletes, as it increases flexibility and range of motion when done regularly. The suction created during dry cupping also helps stimulate healing by increasing blood flow to affected areas. If you opt for dry cupping, you will be pleased to know it is a relatively non-invasive technique, and you should be able to return to your daily activity with minimal downtime.


Wet cupping

You can opt for wet cupping if you want to treat myriad ailments and promote overall health. Also known as hijama, this holistic healing modality involves the placement of small glass cups on certain parts of the body, such as the back, chest, and stomach. Once the cups are in place, practitioners use a vacuum-like technique to pull out excess toxins from the body. Sometimes, a small cut is made over each cup, which helps further draw out impurities over time. Wet cupping has multiple benefits; it helps improve circulation and boost energy levels while supporting critical organ functions simultaneously. Overall, it’s an excellent natural alternative therapy that can complement traditional Western medicine with its positive and effective outcomes.


How does cupping work?

Cupping involves the placement of a special cup on the skin, creating a vacuum. This causes a negative pressure that draws blood to the body’s surface, improving circulation and removing toxins. The cups are often left in place for several minutes, after which they may be moved by either gliding or pressing on the skin. This helps to relieve muscle tension and pain while promoting relaxation.


Who benefits from cupping?

Cupping therapy can be especially beneficial if you suffer from musculoskeletal problems, skin problems, a respiratory illness, pain in the lower back, sciatica or chronic nonspecific neck pain. Some patients undergoing chemotherapy may also benefit from cupping by helping to boost their overall energy levels and reduce the discomfort caused by the side effects. In fact, cupping will help you if you are looking to improve your overall health as it increases blood flow throughout the body, which can help improve immunity and leave you feeling energetic and refreshed.


What are the benefits of cupping?

Cupping treatment, when combined with massage therapy, can provide numerous benefits.



Cupping improves blood circulation

By using a series of small cups, practitioners create suction on the skin which causes tiny blood vessels near the skin’s surface to expand. This opens pathways for fresh, nutrient-rich blood to circulate more freely throughout the body, allowing toxins to be removed and healing energy to be activated. Coupled with a massage, cupping can be incredibly beneficial as part of a comprehensive wellness routine with dramatic results in overall health and well-being.


Cupping improves inflammation

Cupping therapy is a popular holistic treatment that addresses musculoskeletal concerns such as inflammation. The suction effect loosens tight muscles, increases blood flow and reduces inflammation by releasing underlying trigger points. The effects of cupping last anywhere from 3-5 days, allowing users to experience regular intervals of improved discomfort and systemic balance throughout their body. Cupping is an effective remedy to improve circulation and reduce inflammation in overworked and inflamed muscles when combined with massage therapy.


Cupping can be used to treat high blood pressure

If you suffer from hypertension, you should consider a combination of cupping treatment and massage therapy. By promoting better circulation in targeted areas of the body, cupping can effectively decrease hypertension without traditional medications. The increased circulation helps reduce inflammation and relaxes muscles Combining the two treatments can balance hormones, reduce stress levels and calm the nervous system, leading to lower readings for both systolic and diastolic pressures. However, you must consult your doctor before beginning any cupping treatments if you suffer from hypertension.


Cupping can help relieve migraines

If you suffer from debilitating migraines, you should be glad to know an alternative medicine treatment is proven to relieve symptoms! When combined with massage, cupping treatment helps reduce pain, fatigue, and discomfort associated with a migraine episode. In addition, it can minimise inflammation-related head pain and reduce the frequency of migraines. Cupping can also minimise tension in the neck muscles and stress levels and is known to reduce pain quickly by improving circulation throughout the body and relieving muscle fatigue.


therapy cupping good health sydneyCupping can help rheumatism

Cupping is commonly employed as an alternative pain management tool for individuals with rheumatism, particularly those who are not able or willing to take traditional medications. If you have rheumatism, consider cupping treatment alongside massage therapy.

With regular sessions, you should see improvements in joint stiffness, swelling, and discomfort and even improved movement of affected areas. While this complementary approach has been around for centuries, in recent years, recognition from both medical professionals and practitioners continues to grow as a viable treatment for chronic issues such as rheumatism.


Cupping helps treat varicose veins

Health professionals have praised cupping as a powerful treatment that helps reduce swelling and inflammation and improves circulation, leading to healthier and stronger veins. Additionally, cupping can ease chronic pain associated with varicose veins while cleansing the body of toxins. If you have varicose veins, consider combining cupping and massage treatments. This safe and natural healing approach can enable you to return to your active lifestyle without worry or pain from this affliction.


Cupping can help with skin disorders

Cupping is becoming increasingly popular due to its efficacy in treating many dermatological conditions. Not only does cupping aid in relaxation when combined with massage therapy, but it can also help improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Cupping can relieve a wide range of skin disorders, including eczema, psoriasis and acne. Additionally, because cupping helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, it can support the body’s natural detoxification process, which aids in clearing away impurities and reducing symptoms accompanying a skin infection.


Cupping can help with anxiety and depression

Cupping therapy has been utilised for centuries to help treat anxiety and depression. By creating suction, cupping can increase blood flow to a specific area of the back, resulting in a feeling of relaxation that helps reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. Additionally, research suggests that cupping releases endorphins, which can naturally improve moods. Another potential benefit of cupping is that it relieves muscle tension associated with stress and strain from everyday life when combined with massage. The benefits of cupping in massage are manifold, as both treatments provide various physical and mental benefits. The purpose of cupping is to decompress and stimulate areas of congestion found in the muscles. By combining it with massage therapy, people suffering from anxiety, muscular pain and digestive issues, among other conditions can get relief.


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