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Australians are increasingly entering a sedentary lifestyle. This is worrying because research has linked physical inactivity to the declining rate of health. A recent study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the Australian Bureau of Statistics highlighted: more than 55% of adults and a whopping 70% of children do not meet the basic guidelines for physical activity.

A sedentary lifestyle can push you into a sea of health problems, from chronic illnesses such as heart stroke, cancer, and diabetes to various mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety. You must not waste any time and should pull yourself out of this vicious circle of spending most of the day sitting down and worrying about your unhealthy routine.

If you are not fond of high-intensity workouts and cannot organize your routine to include the necessary daily activity, massage therapy is the best option to counter the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. It will gift you the health and healing you deserve.


Significance of Chinese Massage

Chinese massage is considered a core of Chinese medicine since the 2nd century BC. Chinese massage is known to trigger the healing process through the release of muscle knots, targeting increased blood flow to every part of your body.

improve quality beneficial massage sydneyAn increased and balanced flow of blood helps to strengthen the immune system, There are various techniques that professional Chinese masseurs employ to provide maximum relaxation. Among them, a special one is “Qi”.

The technique “Qi” translates into “forcing life “within the body. The holistic idea is based upon the philosophy that a human body has its natural flow of energy.

If there is any blockage in the flow of these energy channels, then illnesses may occur. Chinese medicine believes in treating those symptoms through balanced nutrition, exercise, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, etc.


Types of Chinese Massage

There are different types of traditional Chinese massage; the aim of all of them is to restore the balance of your body by releasing both physical and energetic tension. This kickstarts the body’s healing process. The following are some common massage therapies:


Chinese Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy involves the placement of suction cups on your skin for a timed duration. The suction cups are made out of glass, plastic, or wood.

This therapy is extremely effective for neck and back pain as well as treating certain skin conditions. The main purpose of cupping is to reduce pain, and inflammation, increase blood flow and relax the internal tissue.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy involves a special focus on the deep layers of your muscle and tissue. Your licensed massage therapist works using long strokes on your body to relieve chronic pain and increase your range of motion. Regular deep massage reduces blood pressure, treats bad posture, improves circulation, and decreases muscle soreness.


Meridian Massage

This is a massage technique for treating stress, insomnia, and migraines while improving the lymphatic system. It is performed by well-trained massage therapists who know the “pathways” of energy flow. Meridian massage releases serotonin, a compound responsible for your feeling of happiness, pleasant mood, and sexual desires.


Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is suitable for overworked, tense, knotted, and damaged muscles. It helps to repair and restore muscle health. Remedial massage is great for loosening up the neck and shoulder muscles, especially for office workers and those who use computers all day. It works great for people who have knotted upper body muscles.

It is also known for showing exceptional improvements in disabilities like Cerebral Palsy (CP), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and muscle atrophy.


Reflexology / Foot Massage

This type of massage is based on the belief that the soles of your feet have different pressure points on them that are linked to the circulation of other organs in the body. Applying pressure and massaging these points, can activate your organs through nerve stimulation to promote healing.



Benefits of massage

The benefits of massage are recognized widely all over the world. Once you realize the health benefits it offers for mental and physical health, you will incorporate massage as an important component in your life. 


Increased energy levels

Your massage therapist will determine which relaxing technique and massage you need to feel relaxed. You will experience inner peace with improved sleep quality after the massage therapy sessions.


Restoration of muscles and tissues

Massage eliminates pain and enhances the movement of muscles through the recovery of soft tissue. It increases blood flow which results in relief from stiffness and soreness. Stimulating the soft tissues releases toxins from the body.


Blood Circulation

After a massage therapy session, your blood starts flowing into the blood vessels pushing into the oxygenated blood-deficient tissues. The squeezing, twisting, and pulling technique drains the lactic acid from the muscles, leaving you in a relaxed state. Improved blood circulation also makes your skin glow and stops hair fall.


chinese massage beneficial sydneyMental relaxation

When your body is experiencing physical or mental stress, it produces high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol is a key factor in developing weight issues, insomnia, digestive problems, and strong headaches.

Massage therapy has shown reduced cortisol levels in the body, entering it into a recovery phase. It also improves mood and regulates other hormones in the body.


Pain management

People suffering from chronic illness or joint issues take a large number of painkillers to get rid of immense pain. Massage not only reduces the pain but also addresses the underlying cause of it,  linked to muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Always ensure to receive the massage treatment from a professional massage therapist; since the massage involves multiple techniques of pressure and pinching, it should never get intense to the point of causing excruciating pain. You should leave your therapist’s office refreshed and relaxed. If you have suffered any injury or facing any serious health issues, then notify your massage therapist to get the most suitable treatment.

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