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Modern life is full of stressors. With 24-hour news networks, endless social media scrolling, economic worries, and world-wide health concerns, Australians are more stressed than ever. In 2018, 13% of Australians reported intense psychological distress, and in 2014, 63% of Australians over the age of 15 reported experiencing at least one personal stressor that year. 

There are multiple ways to handle stress. In addition to therapy and meditation, an excellent way to lessen your stress level is through massage therapy

At Wayne Therapy, we offer a relaxation massage that decreases your stress and provides a wide variety of health benefits. 


What is a Relaxation Massage?

Unlike deep tissue or sports massages, a relaxation massage doesn’t target deep muscles. It focuses on creating a calming, relaxing atmosphere to allow you to focus on breathing and resting. 

The masseuse will not press too deeply, and you likely won’t feel much, if any discomfort during a relaxation massage. Instead, you will feel relaxed and, afterwards, rejuvenated. 

In addition to providing a well-needed relief from stress, there are many mental and physical benefits of relaxation massage. A relaxation massage can alleviate some symptoms of depression or anxiety, increase flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve your sleep, decrease inflammation, and improve circulation. 


Reduce Depression or Anxiety Symptoms

Many people who suffer from depression or anxiety have feelings of emptiness, sadness, decreased energy, and irritability. Anxiety also increases stress levels and can make people worry about every decision endlessly. 

Although massage therapy cannot remove your depression or anxiety, it can help to give you an hour of peace from the emptiness or stress that weighs on your mind. Many people with depression find it difficult to treat themselves, and anxiety makes it challenging to empty your mind. 

In addition to regularly receiving a relaxation massage at Wayne Massage, reach out to your local mental health hotline if your depression or anxiety makes it challenging to complete your daily activities.

Increase Flexibility

Increasing your flexibility is another one of the many benefits of relaxation massage. Although you may think only gymnasts and dancers require flexible muscles, flexibility plays a large role in your overall body’s health. 

The more flexible you are, the less likely you are to injure yourself, you’ll have better posture and balance, you can become stronger, and you’ll likely feel less discomfort while performing your daily activities.

Increase Flexibility

Massage therapy loosens your muscles, allowing you to stretch further and increase your flexibility. 


Reduce Fatigue

Stress makes people tired. It causes tight muscles and makes it challenging to turn off your brain to take breaks. With massage therapy, your muscles will relax, eventually allowing your mind to calm down. After the relaxation massage, you’ll feel less tired, more focused, and energised.


Improve Quality of Sleep

In addition to reducing fatigue, you’ll find the quality of your sleep improves in the days following massage therapy. Your quality of sleep affects your body just as much as the number of hours. 

A relaxation massage will allow your body to release fully, and your brain will follow, resulting in more hours of deep sleep and REM cycles. The better your quality of sleep, the more rested you’ll feel the next day. You’ll find your busy days easier to manage when you’ve slept soundly.


Reduce Inflammation

Inflamed muscles can cause discomfort throughout your body. Office workers may find their wrists, shoulders, and back inflamed and sore from regular typing and many hours in a chair.

Construction workers may notice inflammation more in their lower backs and legs from heavy lifting, while retail workers may experience sore legs from hours standing and walking around their store. 

One of the benefits of relaxation massage is that it reduces inflammation all over your body, instead of just focusing on one small area. Because the muscles in the body are interconnected, encouraging a release of tension throughout results in more relaxed and less inflamed muscles across your whole body.


Improve Circulation

If you regularly experience ice-cold hands and feet, or nose, you likely have poor circulation. Massage therapy can help improve the circulation of your blood through gentle pressure. 

In addition to warming up your extremities, improved circulation might make it easier to breathe and allow your blood and oxygen to travel more freely throughout your body. 


Improve Immunity

One of the most attractive benefits of relaxation massage is a more robust immune system. Particularly for customer service workers, a strong immune system is essential. Retail workers interact with hundreds of people every day, many of whom may have a slight cold or are on the tail end of a virus. 

The stronger your immune system, the better your body will be at fighting off infections. If you are tired, stressed, or not sleeping well, your immune system may weaken. By allowing yourself to experience a relaxation massage, you will give your body a chance to rejuvenate and allow your immune system to heal. 


Contact Us to Learn More About the Benefits of Relaxation Massage

If you are stressed and tense from the distractions and pressures of the modern world, call us at Wayne Massage today on (02) 8073 9281 to book a relaxation massage. We will provide a relaxing experience that will improve your overall mental and physical health. 

Wayne Zheng leads an experienced team of massage therapists who use a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, dry needling and Australian Remedial massage therapy to help their patients achieve a better state of wellbeing.

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