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Cupping therapy is becoming one of the most popular new ways to support the immune system, manage activity-related soreness, and boost your well-being. Celebrities, athletes, and even politicians are turning to cupping therapy for its cosmetic and health benefits.

If you’ve ever wondered about cupping therapy and where to start, Wayne Massage offers this ancient Chinese treatment to help boost your health. Our highly-qualified technicians help our clients experience the benefits of cupping therapy.


What Is Chinese Cupping Therapy?

Chinese cupping therapy is a holistic treatment which improves the flow of chi as well as the overall health and well-being of a patient.

In ancient Chinese teachings, chi is one of the leading principles in Chinese medicine. Chi is considered the vital life force found in all living things within our universe. The philosophy explains that chi is every vital fluid in the human body, including blood.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, chi must flow unrestricted for a person to be healthy. Severe or chronic discomfort is seen as congestion or blockage, which prevents free-flowing chi, negatively affecting a person’s well-being.

After these findings, cupping therapy was developed to help alleviate congestion, blockage, or chi stagnation in the body to promote a healthier lifestyle.


How Does Chinese Cupping Therapy Work?

Chinese cupping therapy relies on the natural power of suction to rejuvenate the body and balance chi energies.

Cupping therapy only requires jars made of bamboo, glass, silicone, or earthenware in addition to a heat source like fire. The jars are heated to remove oxygen before being placed on the body.

Chinese Cupping Therapy

While cupping jar placement can vary based on an individual’s needs, they are usually placed on the body’s major acupressure points on the back or chest. 

As the jars begin to cool down, the skin is pulled upward– effectively separating the soft skin tissue from muscles, drawing the blood to the surface of the body, and causing blood vessels to dilate. This ultimately leads to a release of tension, improved circulation, and healthy chi flow.

Dry and Wet Cupping: Two Variations of Cupping Therapy

Dry cupping therapy may be the most popular type of cupping in Australia. It entails the heated jars being placed on the skin for up to 10 minutes. The therapist then applies a therapeutic oil to calm the skin and slide the jars, a process known as gliding cupping. 

By gliding the cups over the skin, the blood vessels profit from additional stimulation until the very end of the treatment. The oil ensures the jars do not pull or tug at the skin, preventing skin damage. 

Wet cupping begins with the same heated jars being placed over the skin. However, they are removed after just 3 minutes. Once they are removed, the therapist makes a small incision in the centre of the treated area and quickly reapplies the cups to draw out a small amount of blood. It is believed that by drawing out the blood, harmful toxins and bad energies are released from the body.

Therapists then apply antiseptic creams or gels to the incision sites, as well as a small bandage to support the healing process. 


Why Receive Chinese Cupping Therapy?

Although cupping therapy has only recently seen a rise in popularity across Australia, it has existed for centuries. Traditional Chinese medicine recognises cupping therapy as one of the best healing methods for various ailments of the body, skin, and mind. 

Patients typically seek out cupping therapy as a complementary treatment for: 

  • Migraines
  • Acne, varicose veins, and other complexion impurities 
  • Inflammation, as well as stiff and sore muscles
  • Hives or shingles
  • Anxiety and depression

Cupping therapy, however, is not just a treatment option for existing conditions. Many patients schedule treatments to enjoy other Chinese cupping benefits which help to support healthy immune and digestive systems.

Other patients appreciate the relaxing nature of cupping therapy and compare it to deep tissue massages.

Cupping therapy is an excellent holistic maintenance treatment to keep your chi flowing, and your body healthy. It is especially effective when paired with dry needling or remedial massage therapy. 

Traditional cupping therapy, unlike Western medicine, encourages the process of self-healing. By freeing chi channels, you can finally awaken your body’s natural strength and healing powers.

Chinese Cupping Therapy

The healing which takes place as a result of cupping therapy comes at absolutely no cost to your body. As the process is 100% natural and non-invasive, you don’t have to worry about any serious or long-lasting side effects. 

You may notice some temporary cupping marks or skin discolouration, but it fades within 10 days. If you undergo wet cupping therapy, it is normal to experience some feelings of lightheadedness after the treatment. Drink enough water to replenish your body’s fluids, and those feelings should fade. Take special care of the incision(s) from your wet cupping treatment to prevent the risk of infection. 


Am I a Good Candidate for Cupping Therapy?

The majority of Australians should have no issues receiving holistic treatments like cupping therapy. However, we do not recommend cupping therapy to pregnant women, the elderly, or children.

If you have a sunburn, open wounds, or other skin trauma, avoid cupping therapy until the area has healed. 

If you are on any blood-thinning medications, you should not receive wet cupping therapy. Dry cupping may still be an option but always consult with your doctor before booking a treatment. 


Cupping Therapy in Sydney

Are you looking to rejuvenate your body and re-balance your chi energy with Chinese cupping therapy? At Wayne Massage, we offer professional cupping sessions in three locations across Sydney. 

Founded in 2009, our practice is operated by Wayne Zheng and his team of compassionate and knowledgable massage therapists. We offer a number of massages and holistic treatments, which provide relief to long-term and unresolved health complaints. 

Should you have any questions about cupping therapy, or would like to book your appointment, please call one of our three branches: Hunter Branch (02) 8073 9376, Town Hall Branch (02) 8073 9382, or Kings Cross Branch (02) 8073 9281.