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My long-term customer Margaret, recommended me to her friend Catherine. Catherine suffered from chronic illness which robbed her of well being and quality of life. She gave up work as a result of extreme fatigue. She had exhausted all venues of medical care. She thought she had to put up and live with this for the rest of her life.

Analysis and Treatment

The pathogenic damp had been blocking Catherine’s stomach and spleen meridians for a long time. This had caused stomach bloating, no appetite and sleeplessness. In a vicious circle, these symptoms eventually turned into extreme fatigue. However, they hadn’t progressed further into the internal organs. As a result, the illness had not surfaced from a western medicine perspective. This is why GPs and Specialists couldn’t find out the reason of her being ill.

I cleaned the pathogenic damp in her stomach meridian to stimulate spleen meridian, strengthen heart and lung function and enhance immunity. At the same time, I used a few dry needles to improve the pain in her back.

1st Session: we did massage like Shang Qiu, Qiu Xu, San Yin Jiao, Bai Hui and related meridians, combining with deep tissue massage for clearing the heart and lung meridians, and dry needling into two Reflection points.

2nd Session: Did dry needling into two Reflection points in her back, and massage and moxibustion on Zhao Hai, San Yin Jiao and Zu San Li, Bai Hui and other related meridians.

3rd Session: We maintained end enhanced the treatments of the 2nd session, balancing Yin and Yang. In the 1st and 3rd sessions we also used cupping therapy, to extract blood stasis.


After 3 sessions, Catherine’s fatigue was completely gone. She is now able to take up on things she loves doing!