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Sports massages offer active individuals many valuable benefits. It can help them prepare for an upcoming athletic event or aid in recovery and pain relief after an injury. With a high number of benefits, you may be wondering, ‘how often should I get a sports massage?’  The frequency of your massages depends on several factors, including how active you are and if you’re suffering from an injury. Learn more about the benefits of sports massage and how often you should be getting one.


What is a Sports Massage?

A sports massage is a type of remedial massage designed to provide treatment or healing instead of having only relaxation purposes. It uses a number of massage techniques to treat the injuries of athletes and other active individuals.  A sports massage uses firm pressure and focuses on the muscles and connective tissues deep within the body, similar to deep tissue massage. Unlike deep tissue, a sports massage also incorporates stretching and may focus on a specific area of the body. A sports massage can help athletes recover more quickly after an injury. It’s also used to aid in stretching and can provide pain relief. There are three main types of sports massages:

Types of Sports Massages

  • Pre-event massages

This massage is scheduled to occur before an athletic event. It warms up your muscles before your event and helps you stretch deeper. This increases your flexibility, lowers your risk of injury, and promotes circulation to bring more blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to your muscles.  Establishing regular pre-event sports massages helps you prepare physically and mentally for your athletic event. They help you to relax and calm your mind before your big game.

  • Post-event massages

A sports massage after an athletic event is beneficial whether or not you’ve suffered an injury. Your sports massage helps remove lactic acid and waste build-up from your muscles after you’ve been active. This helps with faster muscle recovery and offers pain relief through reduced muscle soreness and cramping.  The deep stretching provided in this massage also reduces stiffness and improves flexibility. The technique promotes efficient and full healing for individuals with strains or other injuries.

  • Maintenance massages

Athletes use this type of sports massage to help maintain their muscles and connective tissue health to prevent injuries from happening. get a sports massage sydneyA maintenance sports massage aims to keep myofascial tissue flexible, reduce the development of any scar tissue, increase range of motion, and promote blood flow to the muscles and tissues for improved healing. Typically this type of massage is performed every couple of weeks as part of an athlete’s training schedule. Individuals who aren’t elite athletes can also benefit from one-time maintenance massages to help deal with the physical effects of everyday exercise.

Conditions that a Sports Massage Treats

People who aren’t professional athletes or avid exercisers can still benefit from a sports massage. This type of massage treats any number of injuries sustained to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues. The deep stretching and firm massage pressure can relieve pain and improve your mobility.

A sports massage can help if you have:

For any serious injury, make sure you consult your doctor before getting any type of massage therapy. They will advise you if a sports massage is safe in your condition.

How Often Should I Get a Sports Massage?

How often you should get a sports massage depends on how active you are, what type of sports massage you need if you’re dealing with an injury, and your personal preferences.  Athletes may need a sports massage before or after every big athletic event to prevent injury or get pain relief.  They may prefer scheduling a maintenance sports massage several times a month during their season to keep them in peak physical condition. Other individuals may not require sports massages as frequently. They may only need one post-event massage after a single athletic event or competition. People dealing with injuries may need a series of massages to help treat their condition. They will continue to benefit from sports massage until their injury has healed. Sports massages are safe to get frequently, but people who aren’t active or injured may not see additional benefits from more frequent massages. Talk with your massage therapist to see how often they recommend you schedule a sports massage treatment.

What to Expect During Your Sports Massage

Your massage therapist may use two-hand kneading or percussive strokes during your sports massage. Two-handed kneading is effective at loosening tight muscles, while percussive strokes help tone the muscle. You’ll also be put through a series of stretches. Light, longer stretches help stimulate blood flow. While deeper stretches help you push past muscle stiffness and increase flexibility.  You may feel slightly uncomfortable as your massage therapist applies firm pressure or stretches your body, but it should not cause pain. Sports massages are meant to provide pain relief, so if they cause you any pain, inform your therapist immediately. They will adjust their pressure or stop their massage to prevent further injury.

Enhance Your Recovery With Wayne Massage

Sports massage allows athletes of every level to experience faster recovery after an injury or athletic event. Its deep stretches before a game help prevent injuries and let your mind relax and focus. If you’re searching for a sports massage therapist in Sydney, consider Wayne Massage Our skilled sports massage therapists use proven massage techniques to loosen tight muscles and connective tissues to relieve pain, stiffness, and cramping. We can speed up the healing time for your injury and help prevent additional injuries from occurring.  Contact us today to schedule your sports massage appointment.   References: The Massage Therapist’s Guide to Sports Massage https://www.massagemag.com/massage-therapists-guide-to-sports-massage-90905/ The Benefits of Sports Massage https://www.verywellhealth.com/sports-massage-what-are-the-benefits-1337670  Frequently Asked Questions  http://www.activebodytherapies.com.au/faqs/ Sports Massages: How Often Should You Have Them? https://www.vitalizephysiotherapy.co.uk/sports-massages-how-often-should-you-have-them/