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Wayne Massage



Wayne Massage


Quality Massage Near Mosman to Alleviate Pain Tension or Stress

If you suffer from pain, tension, or stress, a massage near Mosman isn’t the first thing you think about when looking to treat your condition. Yet, here at Wayne Massage, that’s exactly what we do. Using our brand of expertise in remedial and Chinese massage, we practice effective methods that work.

Wayne Massage – How Can a Massage Near Mosman Help?

Using the latest remedial and traditional Chinese massage techniques, our skilled therapists can help you to reach optimum health and wellbeing. Whether you have joint, ligament, muscle, or tendon problems or have deep scar tissue – our brand of massage therapy near Mosman is designed to promote recovery, aid healing, and relieve tension fast.


Why Choose Wayne Massage?

The Mosman massage-seeking community will find that they have a number of options for massages in or near Mosman NSW so why choose us? Here are three good reasons

Highly Skilled and Highly Qualified Masseurs and Masseuses
Anyone seeking a massage near Mosman NSW should know that we have some of the most highly qualified and highly skilled massage therapists in and around Sydney. Wayne himself has treated several high profile clients including a former Prime Minister, a Sydney Lord Mayor, plus an array of celebrities.

Experienced in Traditional Chinese Massage
We are fully qualified in traditional Chinese massage with years of hands-on experience. We have gained a reputation as deep tissue experts, speeding the healing of injuries, regulating the nervous system, and re-stimulating blood flow. This enables us to treat a wide variety of problems or ailments through the healing abilities of massage.

Mosman Massage-seeking Community can Expect Contemporary and Clean Environments
Anyone visiting us for therapeutic treatments or massage treatment near Mosman NSW should know that we take cleanliness very seriously. We ensure a clean and hygienic treatment centre where our therapists provide disposable massage sheets and freshly laundered towels for every single patient. In addition, we operate the highest standards of infection control.

About our Massage Clinics near Mosman NSW

We have 3 contemporary massage clinics for your convenience all based within 15 minutes of the 2088 postcode. All offer a wide variety of remedial and traditional Chinese massage treatments as well as other therapeutic services. Our massage clinics near to Mosman NSW are staffed by highly trained professionals where patients are treated in clean surroundings offering the highest standards of infection control.

Providing Effective Massage Solutions For All

If you are considering a massage in Mosman, then the team at Wayne Massage provide effective massage and therapeutic solutions for people of all ages. Whether you are an older person with arthritis, a young athlete with a sporting injury, or are simply looking for something a little different to a Thai massage or spa treatment, we can help. We are open till 11:50pm, and also offer 24h mobile massage services. Book an appointment at one of our 3 convenient Sydney locations today and come and see for yourself.