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Wayne Massage

North Sydney


Wayne Massage

North Sydney

Unhappy with Your North Sydney Massage? Consider Wayne Massage Located Nearby

Wayne Massage is proud to offer residents from North Sydney, massage tailored to their specific needs and preferences. We provide a wide range of remedial and Chinese massage together with other therapeutic services such as acupuncture.

Relieve Pain and Stress with a Massage Near North Sydney NSW

If you’re tired of taking medication for your pain then a massage could be just what you need. North Sydney residents regularly visit our clinics in Sydney because they know that our combination of remedial and traditional Chinese massage coupled with other therapies such as Chinese Cupping and Dry Needling is truly effective.

We use our wisdom and experience to treat both your symptoms and the root cause with a combination of modern and ancient therapies that relieve pain and relax the body – ultimately giving you a better quality of life in North Sydney NSW.


How Massage Near North Sydney Works

Unlike Thai massage which combines assisted yoga poses with healing techniques, we treat our clients on a massage table rather than a mat. Depending on the location of your pain, remedial massage from our therapists either uses deep strong strokes or gentle light strokes to work on tense, knotted, immobile, or damaged muscles to help relax the body.

This, in turn, helps relieve the pain and speeds up the body’s healing processes for a wide variety of muscle, joint, ligament and tendon problems. Most of our clients from North Sydney NSW notice an improvement after their first massage.

Why Choose Wayne Massage Instead of a Massage in North Sydney NSW

Many of our North Sydney clients visit us for a massage because they’re aware of our good reputation or because they’ve been recommended to us by friends. They also like the fact that we have 3 city locations to choose from and are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

We also offer massages that you may not find when you ask for a massage in North Sydney. These include Wayne’s Meridian Massage which aims to help clients reduce tension, stress, and pain while simultaneously improving their circulation and overall health. This is a massage that is adapted to each North Sydney client to achieve the best results.

Providing Hands-on and Therapeutic Excellence to residents of North Sydney NSW

If you’re looking for an alternative to your usual North Sydney massage then we look forward to welcoming you to Wayne Massage. As well as some of the finest massage and therapeutic services in Sydney, we also offer affordable prices and fully qualified experienced masseurs and masseuses. Why not come and try us for yourself. We are open till 11:50pm, and also offer 24h mobile massage services. Book at any of our 3 locations today.