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There’s a strong chance you’ve been using acupressure points for personal relief without realising it. Motion sickness relief bands and rubbing your temples are just two examples of how the traditional Chinese medicine practice of acupressure massage has made its way into Western civilisation. 

If you’ve been wondering what is an acupressure massage, here’s what you should know about the practice and its benefits. 


Acupressure Theory

Based in traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure therapy follows the ancient belief that energy, also called Qi, flows through channels, called meridians, in your body. You have 12 meridians that connect all your vital organs and body networks. These meridians allow areas of your body to communicate.

benefits what is an acupressure massage sydneyYour meridians start in your hands, run up to your brain, and then through your body to connect with a particular organ or organ system. This means your body is covered in acupoints, each linked to a specific organ or body system. 

When energy flows unobstructed through your meridians, you are in balance and at peace. If a meridian becomes blocked, you can become sick or experience discomfort. 

Acupressure massage and acupuncture are techniques used to unblock your energy and restore balance. However, acupressure can be done with just your hands, while acupuncture requires specialised training and extremely thin needles to stimulate deep acupoints. 


The Acupressure Massage Experience

There is no standard dictionary definition for what is an acupressure massage. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure therapy does not require a license. However, a massage therapist experienced in traditional Chinese medicine will be able to perform an acupressure massage

Most massages last about one hour. You’ll relax on a padded massage table while your massage therapist works to restore the flow of energy along your meridians.

Acupressure massage therapists use their hands, elbows, and special tools to apply a precise amount of pressure to your acupoints. If you have specific concerns, make sure to discuss these with your massage therapist in advance so they can focus treatments on these areas. 

Your massage therapist uses a combination of pressure and massage strokes to restore the energy flow along your meridians. You may feel consistent pressure applied to the same acupoint for several minutes. This sustained pressure is needed to release your muscle and unblock your meridians. 

An acupressure massage shouldn’t be painful. You might experience some pressure and discomfort as your energy is released from blockages in your meridians. Afterwards, you should feel relaxed and balanced. However, you might need a few sessions to experience maximal results. 


Who Should Get an Acupressure Massage?

Everyone can benefit from the restorative practice of acupressure massage. However, the unique combination of traditional Chinese medicine with massage techniques can offer significant benefits for certain individuals. 

If you recently suffered an injury or had surgery, acupressure can aid in your healing process. Muscle injuries can lead to scar tissue formation. When used proactively, acupressure can prevent scar tissue formation in your muscles, easing tension and discomfort. If you already have some scarring, acupressure can provide the deep stimulation needed to help realign your muscle fibres while breaking down the scar tissue. 

Cancer patients or other individuals suffering from nausea can experience relief with acupressure. Studies have shown benefits for the use of wrist acupressure therapy to reduce nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy. Consistent acupressure massage can help reduce stress and improve energy in cancer patients while helping them prevent nausea.


Benefits of Acupressure

Using acupressure massage is associated with many benefits. The most common benefit is deep relaxation. However, you may experience a period of relaxation long after the acupressure massage is over, as it helps restore balance in the energy flow throughout your body. 

experience what is an acupressure massage sydneyBy increasing pressure on your acupoints and then releasing it, acupressure massage helps release muscle tension. Blood flow is temporarily restricted to your muscle when pressure is placed on your acupoints. When the pressure is released, blood rushes into the muscle and helps remove any built-up toxins that were causing muscle tension. 

Another benefit of acupressure is improved recovery from injury or illness. As your energy meridians are restored, your body can regain balance. The flow of energy throughout your body helps it efficiently remove toxins, boost your immune system, and ward off infection. With regular acupressure massage, you may experience improved wellness and a better functioning immune system. 

It may take a day for you to realise the full benefits of acupressure. This is because your body is adjusting to the flow of newly opened energy channels and working to remove any built-up congestion in your meridians. For chronic issues, you should notice some relief after your first session. However, it may take multiple sessions to heal your body. 


Try Acupressure Massage Today

You don’t have to live with chronic aches and discomfort. Let the highly-trained staff at Wayne Massage help restore your energy flow with an acupressure massage designed for your unique concerns. With years of experience working with traditional Chinese medicine techniques, the massage therapists at Wayne Massages will deftly address any blocked meridians and restore your healing energy flow. 

If you’ve been wondering what is an acupressure massage, your friendly Wayne Massage therapist can guide you through the treatment and what to expect. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy as your body releases tension and congestion that has been causing you discomfort. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and balanced. 

Whether you are suffering from chronic back pain or stress and anxiety, the team at Wayne Massage can help you release stress and heal your body. We are dedicated to helping you achieve body harmony and improve your well-being. 

Wayne Massage has three conveniently located branches in Sydney. Call today to book your appointment.

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