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Foot massage

Foot massage is a practice derived from the Chinese medicine. The foot is called “the second heart of the human body”. Traditional Chinese medicine regards the body as an interconnected network of energy channels. The human foot is linked with the kidneys, the spleen and the stomach. The six major meridians as well as the liver, gallbladder, bladder, and the reflection points of the heart, lungs, and intestines are connected to the internal organs and spine of the human body. The massage therapist massages the six major meridians and the reflex points to heal the body, and also detects early and helps treat diseases. The effect of foot massage in the length of life is well known. There are 1-10 large and small foot massage shops on the streets of all major cities in China. There are more than 9.8 million foot massagers in China. It has become an important goal for the Chinese people to maintain a healthy life. And, stories are widely spread on how, through accurate acupoint foot massage, an excellent massage therapist can detect early and help cure a previously undetected disease.